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Clean Sweep Harper Industries. Shop High Quality Cleaning & Maintenance Products from Harper Brush, Bulgater Ltd, Structron & Other American Manufacturers

Welcome to Clean Sweep Harper Industries, a family owned and operated business offering the best American manufactured cleaning and maintenance products available on the market.  Industrial series brooms, heavy duty moss-foam floor squeegees, brushes and more from Harper Brush & Carlisle.  Bully Scoops, Structron extension handles, Maintainer Rakes, Snow Plow Snow Pushers among others.  Products “purpose designed” to meet the specific cleaning and maintenance demands of your business or personal operation.    When you add in Clean Sweep’s personalized service and enhanced account management, you begin to understand why our customers are so brand loyal.  At Clean Sweep Harper, we take pride in America and in serving our customers.

Clean Sweep is biased towards American manufacturers – even more so toward the American jobs created when we purchase their superior products.  Our American-Made brooms, brushes, floor squeegees, shovels & more perform better, and last longer, than the “cheaper” competition. If meeting the cleaning and maintenance demands of your operation in the most efficient and cost-effective way is a priority, then we have the products to make it happen.  The tougher the challenge, the more our products shine.

Pricing on all products are based upon payment terms, quantity, and assembly options.  Limited wholesale opportunities exist within our exclusive service area.  As you browse our Harper Brush and other American manufactured product lines, do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding the best product series options for your operation.  Or call to schedule a free on-site consultation regarding your specific cleaning and maintenance needs.  Welcome to Clean Sweep Harper Industries… kickin’ the crap out of debris, and the competition!

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